Idolizing a particular study abroad destination and actually studying there are two completely different things. Your decision to choose the right (value for money) country depends on what you expect from a particular country and why you want to study abroad in the first place. You may be seeking a specific course there, a research opportunity, travel, or an easy permanent residency.

Choosing a country for abroad studies that fit your criteria will help you shape your career and life and justify value for money investment.

Here’s sharing the top selection criteria you must look after while selecting the best countries for abroad studies.

  • Field of interest:

    Half of the work is done for selecting the study abroad destination when you know what course you want to pursue as an international student. Most students are certain of their goals, but if you haven’t decided yet, you must start your preparation by identifying your career path based on your strong suits that will help you excel in the field, etc. You can also talk to education consultants of overseas consultancy for assistance.


  • Entry Requirements

    : This aspect can form the crux of your decision. If you are not meeting a particular course requirement, then there is no point in selecting the particular country offering that course. By carefully examining and understanding the eligibility criteria and other selection requirements, you can grab the best opportunity for yourself. Some of the entry requirements you have to consider are language proficiency & other standardized test scores, as well as past academic scores and achievements.


  • Teaching Methodology:

    It’s one of the crucial aspects to consider if you want to balance out the price you are paying versus the learning you are getting from overseas education. The choice of teaching methodology will depend on what you are aiming for and how much support you would need in your studies to enrich your learning and skills. Some study abroad programs focus on hands-on learning through real-life scenarios and weekend exclusions. Other programs are limited to classroom learning. If you are looking for a study course that requires more student involvement, you need to focus on the countries that offer such programs. If that’s not the case, you can choose the country and university offering you the best course within your budget limits. For this, some aspects you can consider are curriculum structure, flexibility in the program, teaching quality, and more.


  • Visa Procedure & Permanent Residency:

    If you have selected a particular country for your studies and plan to settle there in the future, make sure you carefully understand the visa & immigration requirements and processes. Each country has different regulations. Some allow you to stay back after completing the chosen course others don’t. So it’s worth understanding the requirements before making the decision. Canada and Australia are some of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students that offer permanent residency to international students with ease compared to other countries.


  • Affordability and scholarship opportunities:

    Study abroad programs don’t come cheap. While you can’t cut the expenses altogether, you still can make it money-saving by selecting an affordable country or one that offers financial aid opportunities. If you are eyeing a study program that is expensive but worth venturing in, make sure the chosen country or university presents some offering in the form of scholarship to study abroad for Indian students that may include flight tickets from to and fro, airport transfers, etc. If you feel you can get better study programs in some other country at an affordable price, research your options or consult counselors to get details about various inexpensive yet higher-value study programs.


  • Employment Opportunities:

    Needless to say but the majority of students that opt to study abroad intend to settle down and find employment opportunities in their chosen country. So when choosing a study abroad destination, it is critical to examine whether your chosen country helps you in long-term professional growth and provides you with the right job opportunities or not.


We hope the above pointers will help you make a better decision for yourself in choosing the study abroad destination. It is advisable to seek professional guidance from expert overseas education consultants who are well versed in this field and can help you get started with this critical journey while offering proper advice on study abroad scholarships, admission, etc.