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Question & Answer

How much will it cost to study abroad?

The cost to study abroad depends on length of course, nature of program, travelling cost and cost of living in that particular country. Some student visas also require you to have certain funds in your bank account. Many students choose to carry out part-time employment alongside their studies to support their living and/or socialising costs. However, there are restrictions on the hours you are allowed to work to ensure you don’t lose your academic focus. Schedule a counselling session with us to know more about this, you can schedule a call with the owner of Vision International, here:

What if I can’t afford the course fees to study abroad?

There are scholarships and study grants available with several universities to help you fund your study. The amount and availability varies by the level of study and institution. In most cases, these scholarships/grants are competitive in nature which means you will have to demonstrate exceptional academic achievements to earn them. Speak with the owners of Vision International for details of various scholarships available for your chosen course and university here:

What are your consultation fees?

We do not charge any consultation fees at this time. Also, there are no hidden costs, our consultation and counselling is completely FREE for ALL countries. We also set up video calls or conferences with you and your parents which is also completely FREE. We are one of the very few consultants in Mumbai that offer a range of services at no fee. To know more, schedule a consultation with us here: or you can call Mrunali on +91 93724 58304, also feel free to drop an email:

1) Why do I need to go through a counselling session or a consultant?

While you’ll apply to review on to an establishment, you’ll prefer to use the expertise of a world education specialist (also referred to as a counsellor) to guide you through the method of selecting the proper university or college and enrolling thereafter. Using an accredited and trusted agent, like Vision International, can help reduce the strain of selecting the right course & university in another country, applying and preparing to fly.

Our counsellor, Mrunali, is also the Founder and CEO of the company, she is knowledgeable and up-to-date on curriculum changes, and will give her best to assist you during the entire process, right from the initial call until you are prepared to fly.


2) Who conducts the counselling sessions?

All one-to-one counselling sessions are conducted by the Founder & CEO of Vision International, Mrunali Kulkarni. She has over 8 years of industry experience, you can read more about Mrunali here.

3) What do you cover in the counselling session?

The counselling session is focused on you and your needs. We try to gather as much information as possible from you to understand your areas of interest, info on your education history, extra-curricular activities and level of expertise in your field. If you have certain courses in mind for your abroad studies, we discuss that with you and then provide recommendations accordingly. Post your confirmation, we provide you with a checklist of documents required for your application/s.

4) After the first counselling session, what are the next steps?

After your first meeting with us, our admission team gathers your documents (soft copies generally) as per the checklist shared with you and begin the process of applying for the specific course/s with the respective university. You will then receive an offer from the university via email, once the offer Is accepted by you and you have paid the first semester fees, your seat is confirmed for the course. Our admission team then helps you with applying for your visa and getting you prepared to fly before your course induction at the university.

5) What services do you provide along with counselling?

Vision International provides the following services:

  • University Selection
  • Career & Admission Guidance
    – Application Form Submission
    – Document Checklist Review
  • Visa Counselling & Application
  • Mock Interview Process
  • Pre-departure Meeting

Accommodation Assistance

  • Will I be able to work in the country I am studying in?

Generally, if you pursue a course that is degree level and above, most countries will permit you to work part-time while on your international student visa. This complements your education and living experience when studying abroad. While the opportunity varies from country to country, it takes care of your daily expenses to a big extent.

  • After I complete my studies, will I get a good job?

Your career prospects will benefit from your experience of studying, living and socializing abroad. Stronger English language skills along-with expertise in your field means better chances of getting a qualified job. Also keep in mind, getting a job depends on personal skills too and hence enhancing those skills will help increase your chances of getting the apt role, designation and remuneration

  • After I complete my studies, do I need to come back to my home country?

Ideally, if your aim is to come back to your home country and apply your higher education qualification in your new role within your home country, you can definitely do so. It’s your home country and obviously, you cannot be stopped from coming back home! However, some countries offer you a post-study work visa which will permit you to work part-time.

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