When it comes to studying abroad, students often lean towards a self-applied approach. Naturally, with all the information accessible within a few clicks, the process seems easy but can do more harm than good. With the preparations already in hand, it becomes very difficult to keep up with thousands of things while catering to their respective deadlines. Consider the path to your dream university in USA a maze. You may be coming out successfully, but a lack of knowledge can end you up making wrong decisions & lose your way. Having a helping hand at the side in the form of study abroad consultants is a sure way to achieve success as they not only drop your considerable workload but guide you in a better way.

Here’s how expert USA education consultants can help students through under one roof!

  • Profile Evaluation: That includes a complete understanding of the student’s profile & suggesting the best program possibilities and career options that would suit their needs. 
  • University Selection: US consultant shortlist & find the best universities that have worldwide recognition & offer high-quality education. They even help students in zeroing on the final university.
  • Admission Process: It includes admission forms filling & submission, document preparation, visa application & more.
  • Documentation: The consultant helps the students arrange the required documents & assemble documents beforehand. The financial aid process is also taken care of to ensure that every aspect of the student is covered.
  • Loan & Financial Aid: The counselors walk the students through the loan process & help them get loans and financial aid.
  • SOP Preparation: The counselors help students prepare an attractive, honest & appealing SOP based on their profile
  • Visa Process: The consultant provides detailed checklists about the visa process, the latest requirement, immigration policies and helps prepare for the visa interview.
  • Post Acceptance Assistance: After the student receives the acceptance letter from the university. Post Acceptance Assistance includes accommodation, lifestyle and managing finance, etc.

Some of the most significant pros of taking assistance from the overseas educational agents that score over when you apply for abroad studies on your own:

Industrial expertise:

Study abroad consultants have close associations with industrial experts known to have excellent market insights. They keep themselves in tune with the latest market news, such as the current industry trends, application requirements, countries having better industrial exposure, etc. Self-applying means your knowledge is limited to what you seek & research. The more you do, the better you know the emerging trends. However, not all students can keep up with it.

Time Management through regular follow-ups

The US Education consultants take regular follow-ups, right from when the student enters the application process to choosing the preferred college & booking air tickets to the USA. Students also get regular updates from the consultants, such as what the next thing they have to do, what has been left by them, etc. To ensure they get through all processes smoothly & save considerable time from unnecessary wandering & research. It is not the case when the students choose to do it all on their own. There is a high chance of missing out on things & there is nobody you can refer to for an update on your application status.

Valuable References

When you connect with people on your own, you have limited resources to reach. Friends, relatives, seniors can do their bit, but their knowledge is limited to a particular area or field. If you want to get a broader understanding of the options available for you, it’s better to approach the consultants than some random help. The consultants can connect you to students already studying in the country or university of your preference. They can help you find colleges that offer the courses you want with fewer tuition fees and have better industrial exposure opportunities than others.


The chances of getting scholarships are thin when you are applying on your own. There are many requirements to fulfill and deadlines to cater to just even to become eligible for one. Besides, the scholarships are in limited numbers, and one must act to grab the opportunity. Here, education consultants come to your rescue. They are well aware of their field & can help you with various scholarships available within the college you are applying to & by the external organizations, like understanding the selection criteria & drafting your scholarship essays, etc.

Editorial Support

US universities ask the students to clarify their objectives of studying abroad in the form of Admission Essays, LOR, SOP, CV to understand the intention behind their decision & make sure the student is serious about studies. It is one of the crucial documents. If wrongly written, one might end up getting their visa rejected. With the help of consultants, having years of experience in writing these documents in the correct format improves your visa chances tremendously.

Budgeting & Loan Assistance for Study in the USA

Studying abroad is an expensive dream already. Here mindful decisions are equally important as preparation. Students can spend any amount in the process without having any idea about it. But, consulting an expert can save you from a lot of financial loss. Being in the industry for years, the US consultants can guide you with an estimate on the finance required for abroad studies, like how much funds you will need for education and living, ticket & visa, and other expenses. They also help you with financial aid processes too like personal loans.

Travel Assistance:

The job of consultants goes beyond getting you the visa. They walk throughout your study abroad journey. They even help you book the travel tickets and that too quickly as they have tie-ups with the travel agencies, provide money exchange facilities and pickup and accommodation facilities when you reach the destination country & more. Study abroad consultants are very efficient and experienced to help students choose the best-suited option. They understand the hassles of the process right from the preparation to the visa application, making your study abroad journey quite an easy one. At Vision International, we support & fulfill your aspirations of studying abroad by providing all solutions related to lifestyle, finances, study visas, etc. Connect with us to get consultation on every aspect of the study in the USA procedure.