One of the most significant success factors of studying abroad is probably the destination you choose. A lack of research and you might end up regretting the decision.

While the excitement of going abroad fascinates us, most students are confused while choosing their place as they are often left questioning themselves, which country they should opt for?

Well, Australia might be the one you definitely want to ponder on.

Even being a small nation, Australia is nothing short of anything to catch anyone’s fancy. With an alluring lifestyle, stunning picturesque locales, sandy seashores, remarkable rainforests, and some of the best universities in the world, Australia has to offer varied opportunities for someone seeking to study abroad. 

The high quality, excellent & affordable education systems followed in the nation is why the Australian study abroad programs are growing throughout the world. Australian qualifications are globally acknowledged, and universities here are renowned for their exceptional research and teaching methodologies. No wonder why Career Counselor for abroad studies swears by this majestic country with students choosing Australia as their study abroad destination, and the numbers of admissions growing with each passing year!

Australia currently ranks third (a little behind the United States and the United Kingdom) in terms of the international students taking admissions. The study abroad programs here are becoming more popular among international students, making Australia a very accessible destination. For the past several years, the nation is welcoming millions of international students to attend its universities. 

The Australian universities embrace the international students with open arms and provide programs & services that suit their needs, with many offering financial aid in terms of scholarships, helping students make the most out of their educational experience while being in the country. In addition to the exceptional academic programs provided in the fields, like science, medical, chemistry, biology, zoology, and wildlife, mathematics, engineering & technology, there is a range of different subjects & combination courses which a student can opt to broaden the knowledge spectrum.

The biggest pro of studying in Australia is it allows you to work while studying there in a university. With basic skills requirements, the students can work up to 40 hours every two weeks in jobs, an excellent opportunity for the students concerned about the living expenses and the tuition fees. You can connect with your Australian education consultants to get deets about the work policies & eligibility criteria.

If you are planning to study abroad, you may be concerned about the language barrier, which is plausible. Unable to understand the dialect throws up many challenges for international students. Regular tasks become troublesome that makes students feel left out & it impacts the studies as well. However, this is not an issue for students studying in Australia. While some students may struggle at first with understanding the accents & nuances of slang used there, they soon get accustomed to it. The mixed cultural system also instills a sense of belonging among the students as they learn, share experiences, celebrate together and get a chance to learn different languages & cultures.

Australia is an incredible place with an unusual combination of hardcore studying and laid back lifestyle. While being there, you won’t feel burdensome with studies as you also get to enjoy some leisure time by taking a stroll around the locals, spend some time basking in the sun rays on those pristine beaches, or travel to nearby tropical islands. Although travel restrictions are still in force due to the Covid-19 pandemic in most parts of the World, Australia’s strong health response and reducing Covid cases will ensure you a safe on-campus study experience.

Did you know, Australia is also one of the nations that recuperated the most lost jobs caused by Covid-19? By March 2021, the employment opportunities soared to nearly about 71,000, leading its economic growth forecast to 4.5% by the fiscal year. The country is in power post-Covid recovery mode wherein they are seeking highly skilled individuals under their Global Talent Individual Visa programme. The programme intends to draw the brightest individuals wanting to settle abroad by creating new job opportunities that would also include permanent residence benefits. Who knows, you might be the one among them. What are you waiting for? If you truly want to gain a one-of-a-kind experience that reminds you of good things, there is no better destination than Australia. Kickstart your abroad journey with the best Australian Education Consultant in Mumbai today!!