An education consultant is someone who will assist you in choosing the right course in a fit university & country that will improve your career options. These consultants are specialists in their field and have tremendous experience and knowledge leading students to select the best path forward.

Not only students, but also their parents are equally keen to send their children to study abroad – to get global exposure and become more responsible citizens. The high level of competition in today’s job & business market is also one of the big reasons why Overseas Education has become extremely popular in today’s times.

So, when students need guidance about foreign universities and courses, who do they approach? Of course, it’s the right time to look for Overseas Education Consultants, the experts in the field to help you out.

  • There are lots of complexities during the process of studying abroad and the education consultants act as navigators for the entire process. That’s the start on helping you fulfill your dreams.
  • These education consultations know how to turn your dream into reality. While taking such vital decisions, information and knowledge needs to be in-depth.
  • A good education consultant will make it work in the right direction. It is about the students’ future and parents’ hard earned money, hence it is required to be taken care of from the beginning.
  • During the counselling process, the selection of the right type of University is crucial. Selecting a successful and accredited University ensures the value of your degree and increases your chances of better job opportunities in that country.

There are many other formalities beginning from Advanced Counselling to Visa Applications to Managing Accommodation while in your country of study. The role of study abroad consultants is to simplify this complicated process by staying by the side of the students. Overseas education consultants have a network of students and experts around the world, and every now and then, there comes a need to connect students with this experienced personnel who help them overcome accommodation challenges, and settle in their new country of study. It is important that the student and parents engage in as much conversation as possible to gain maximum information. The owner of Vision International, Mrunali, is also our sole counsellor. She now conducts online counselling sessions with students, free of cost. Please contact her on 93724 58304 or email