Studying in the USA can be one of the most beautiful and enriching experiences for a student. However, preparing for the same comes with challenges that often overpower the excitement of living and studying in the USA. Students often find themselves in the swarm of questions like what course they should choose, will their application be accepted in the preferred course/program, & more. Even after successfully addressing all questions, most students get stuck in the application process, face complications due to un-updated or misleading information, and miss their whole study year.

When you deal with such things, you not only invest money but, most importantly, you invest all the valuable time that otherwise would have been used for your studies and other preparation. To avoid such situations from happening, students must contact professional consultants who have expertise in foreign education. You can always count on reputed consultancies like Vision International. They are one of the most trusted and reputed USA education consultants who cover all your requirements under one umbrella of services, so you complete all formalities done at peace.

Education Counseling: US universities offer a galore of study options in almost every field, which puts students in the state of ambiguity of choosing a particular course. At Vision International, each student receives personal attention for proper guidance. With this session, the counselors try to understand the student’s interests, priorities, qualifications, and plans and whether they meet the requirements for admission in their desired field of study or not, etc., and identify the best possibilities for them.

University selection:

University selection is a complicated process, especially if you want to study in the USA, wherein there are more than 5000 colleges and universities. Besides, the eligibility criteria are one of the biggest hurdles students face while applying for their dream university. Many students, for this reason, back off or drop off their dream of studying in the USA because of this reason as it requires a lot of research and timely action to be able to get admission.

Here consulting Vision International experts help you tremendously as they help you choose a university in line with your academic strengths and weaknesses, financial capacities, subject of interest, plans, and goals. Alongside, the study abroad counselors provide an estimate on the tuition fees, visas, and other living expenses for you to decide on the university as per your budget.

 Test Preparation: Competitive exams such as GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and PTE tests play a significant role in getting admission into the top US universities. Vision International team understands this aspect and thus works hand in hand with students and provides comprehensive test preparation services that help them master the test in advance, ensuring that the students perform to the best of their ability on the actual test day.

Application Processing: Once the university selection process is complete, the consultants start preparing for the application part. The team helps you with some of the most important aspects of the application process, such as essay writing, statement of purpose (SOP), recommendation letters, etc., making them more presentable for you by highlighting the essential areas. You are also covered with the admission procedure as the team applies on your behalf while constantly updating you on the status to ensure higher success and faster response.

Visa application assistance: Visa approval chances are less when students decide to apply on their own, that is because most students are not well-versed with the entire process, immigration policies, and visa rules for studying in the USA. Here getting help from a study visa consultant comes in handy. They help you prepare all the necessary documents based on the type of student visa you require and as per the latest immigration laws. Besides, many procedures related to visa application are taken care of by them, making your chances of visa approval high.

Financial Aid: Studying abroad is always on a steeper side in terms of expenses. You have to be prepared well in advance for all the expenses like tuition fees, food, accommodation, travel, stationery, etc. If you are planning to get financial aid in the form of a loan, know that getting an education loan sanctioned is a tedious task. By enlisting the services of Vision International, you make the process faster, simpler, and smoother and easily secure financial aid such as education loans and scholarships.

Pre-departure sessions: This session holds utmost importance for the students who have never traveled alone especially, to a foreign land. A group session is conducted wherein all the travel aspects like airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, foreign exchange, medical provisions, part-time jobs, etc., are discussed with students. With a pre-departure session, the counselors also try to ease the initial days of students in the USA by providing them insight into the various facets of the student life that they will witness as international students.

Traveling assistance: When traveling to the USA, you must start preparing in advance to avoid the end-moment hassles. With Vision International, you are covered in this aspect too. Right from selecting the best airlines that facilitate excess baggage to flight booking on your chosen date at the lowest possible and best discounts, you get all done well in advance in no time.

Studying abroad in the USA is something that doesn’t come easy to students. It comes with its fair share of challenges and unexpected situations, which can be exhausting when doing all on your own. If you are planning to study in the USA, you must look for overseas education consultants as they hold years of experience guiding students for abroad studies. By taking their assistance, you considerably drop off the preparation load, stay on the right path of preparation and improve the chances of acceptance. So what are you waiting for? Connect with Vision International and put your best foot forward in fulfilling your dream of studying in the best US university.