Students who dropped 2020 plans are now applying for 2021; experts in the foreign education field say the year is going to get interesting

Indian students, who make up a big chunk of international students in countries like Australia, UK, USA,  Canada and Ireland, are keen to apply despite the Covid-19 fear looking large. In fact, the admission process has already begun for these countries. With regards to allowing students to come to campus, the decision completely depends upon travel regulations and Covid-related restrictions in the respective countries, however the buzz is that most borders are going to be opened before mid-next year.

The general feeling amongst students and parents is that those who gave up on their education dream in 2021 are likely to re-apply or defer their offers for 2021, thereby increasing the number of applicants for the intake, however foreign universities believe this should not be a concern and recommend that students apply for multiple courses based on their qualification, field of study and eligibility.

Although the pandemic has affected students choosing their preferred country of education, a study last month has proven that Australia and UK are by far the two big options being considered. The important factors considered towards this decision path happens to be health safety and minimum risk, whereas in the pre-covid era, the factors were education quality, job opportunities, immigration policies and overall costs involved.

As universities begin to re-open their doors and significant amendments are being made to international travel policies, it is pretty clear that the covid situation in India hasn’t deterred students to pursue their overseas education dreams. We, at Vision International, offer free counselling with the owners of the company, guide students through the application and visa process at no cost, thus making life easier while students look to fulfill their overseas education dreams. Contact Mrunali on +91 93724 58304 or email

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