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Study Abroad Guide

A Guide For Parents

Studying abroad isn’t a journey of an individual but a bunch of people embarking on it. Students, Educators, Family members, and others have their significant role in it, particularly its parents.


As the child is ready to step on the wider horizon, parents must embrace their decision and take charge of the preparation on their own. Remember, your responsibility as a parent is much more than arranging the finances.


We know plenty of things to think about and cater to, especially when your child will be on his/her own. To take the mantle off your shoulders, here are certain things you can employ to ensure your child is safe, happy, and gets the best possible studying experience while abroad.

  1. Understand your child’s goals:
    Being a parent, it is your prime responsibility to understand your child’s mindset. Talk to them and try to understand their purpose in opting for education abroad. It could be a career-oriented or personal reason but knowing what he/she is seeking helps guide them in a better way.
  1. Extensive research is the key:
    Your child may have researched from his end. As a parent, you must be sure about the country & courses the child wants to pursue. Take charge and start research from your side so you can weigh the options available and select the best among them.
  1. Take challenges into the consideration:
    Your relatives & connections are the best resources of contact. Connect with those whose children opted for abroad studies. Take their opinions and suggestions of what they could have done or missed in their time, everyday situations the students can fall into & how to tackle them, etc.
  1. Prepare a Budget:
    There is no limit to expenses when one’s planning to study in other countries. Studying abroad is always more expensive than in the home country. Tuition Fees, visa process, medical checkups, accommodation, day-to-day expenses, traveling fares add up to significant costs when one intends to study abroad. Preparing a budget not only helps you decide on where to spend more or less but settling on the best choice.
  1. Keep Health as a Priority:
    Make sure your child has undergone a complete medical assessment. Get them all the necessary vaccinations & shots. There can be a tremendous temperature difference between the countries. Consult your doctor & make a list of all the general prescriptions. Ask them if the same medicine brands are available in the study destination. If your child wears glasses or contact lenses, get them a spare of their prescribed pairs.
  1. Travel Comfort & Safety is Essential:
    Seeing your child going to a completely unknown land is a feeling only parents can understand as they are worried about their well-being. They want to make sure everything is up to the mark. Here travel safety is equally important, especially when they are traveling alone for the first time.


Safeguard your child with the following traveling safety measures.

  • Make sure to get travel insurance for your child.
  • Stay updated with the local laws and candidates’ rights as an international student.
  • Your child should be vaccinated well before for common diseases in the new destination.
  • Keep emergency contacts & share them with your child as well.
  • Equip your children with the travel safety kit and explain to them its use & purpose.


  1. Connect with the Counsellors:
    Counseling sessions not only for students but parents too. It will help you understand the culture & know-how of studying abroad. There are countless things to look for, and there is no better resource than consulting the counselors. They not only prepare you well for the new experience your child is about to experience but guide you right from preparations to post-landing needs.


Studying abroad should not be troublesome. At Vision International, we walk along with students & parents, making their journey worthwhile.

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