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Accommodation for students in Ireland

Ensuring a comfortable stay in Ireland before you leave for Ireland is essential. Some universities may cover your accommodation for at least the first year, while some do not. So, you have to be prepared to sort this task out. There is a wide choice when it comes to finding accommodation for international students. You may choose to stay:


Students can opt for an on-campus stay which most universities facilitate. On-campus accommodation is always in demand among the students as the university is most of the time in the vicinity with the accommodation location and comes with various in-house facilities such as laundry, mess, etc. Plus, it’s the best way for students to meet new people and develop camaraderie as they start to settle down in a new country.

On-campus accommodation or residence Halls are of various types, like shared rooms, private rooms, one-bedroom flats furnished with private or shared bathrooms, a kitchen; shared by four to eight students. Though, some accommodations have a mess facility. Basic facilities & charges vary according to location and room type. On-campus accommodations need a prior booking, and it is costlier compared to other modes of stay. You must apply for accommodations as early as possible to secure the preferred room type.

Residence halls provided by the universities usually cost above the average ones. The cost of on-campus accommodation in Ireland without food would be around €600 – 900, with food it can be between €1000-1200.

With a Host Family:

This style of accommodation is preferred by the students, especially during the first year, while they are still trying to settle down & figuring out things in the new country. Here, students live with a family and pay rent every month. You will be allocated a room and share the facilities intended for you. You may have to pay approx €350-500 per month if you are planning to stay with a host family.

At a Private rental/ Shared Accommodation:

It is yet another popular mode of stay for students who come to study in Ireland. Renting a private space or sharing is always more cost-effective than on-campus stays. You can choose to rent a flat, house, or studio apartment. Mostly, students share a house or room and stay in a group which not only cuts their living cost, but they get to interact with people from their own country or home town. If you rent a place on your own, it would cost you approx €800-1200 per month, while for a shared accommodation with 3-4 people, it can cost you approx €150-250 per month. Although, electricity bills, internet may not be available with the rent and must have to be paid separately.

Tips for Renting off Campus

  • Start your research as early as possible. You will need some time to get familiar with the city & area you are planning to stay.
  • Utilize your accommodation support offered by the college or students union to the fullest.
  • Inspect the area online while you are in your home country and visit once you reach your destination. If you have any connection through friends or relatives already staying or have been there, ask for recommendations to find the best place.
  • Check if there is a proper mode of commute between your college and the place you might live. The area may seem near to college on maps but may not make for easy for a public transportation facility. Make sure how much time you can invest in regular traveling and how much it will cost you. Also, check if the area has all the necessities available, like groceries, medical shops, etc.
  • Even if you have procrastinated on the accommodation for the last minute, do not rush through the process and choose the first place available for you under pressure. Take your time and be sure of the area before finalizing it.
  • View & inspect the premises and test keys before you deposit or pay rent money.

International students who have not acquired on-campus accommodation may face additional challenges to find a suitable place. Be aware of any scams. You can always consult Vision International to get the accommodation that best fits your needs and your budget.

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