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Why to Study in Australia

Why Study in Australia

When deciding to study abroad, the destination needs as much attention as the course, institution, and budget. With plenty of options lying around, selecting Australia might actually be the right choice that will put you into a world of incredible opportunities and experiences and make you career-ready. Here are just some of the many reasons for that underlying question ‘why study in Australia?’

Impressive Education System

Despite being a smaller nation & having a lesser number of Universities, Australia doesn’t fall short in offering the best education. It is one of the pioneers in the world that consistently features in global rankings. Eight Australian universities have consistently been ranked in the top 100 QS World University Ranking for academic reputation, employer reputation, and international student ratio.

A wide range of study programs & combination courses in 1000+ universities & institutions is available to choose from to help students select the one based on their career needs. One of the distinguishing factors of Australia is the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). AQF looks after the tertiary level education standards and assures students receive high-quality degrees.

Hub for global research

Australian universities have a solid hold in research in various study areas, including arts and humanities, education, and sciences. The nation is one of the prime contributors to a number of global research projects, credited for important discoveries such as penicillin, IVF, wi-fi & more alike, which makes it one of the best choices to study and undertake own research projects.

Innumerable Scholarships to lessen your expenses

There are various scholarship opportunities made available by the government and institutions that students can utilize to make the most out of their educational experience without worrying about expenses to study in Austria. You can check eligibility criteria and guidelines on their official websites before applying to any university in Australia. And, based on your academics & other qualifications, you can select suitable scholarships for yourself.

A melting pot of diverse cultures

Australia has become a hub of diverse cultures, with millions of students taking admission every year. Studying here means gaining the opportunity to meet people from various parts of the world and learn through cultures, languages, and shared experiences. Australia is also home to many lively cities, with Melbourne standing at second place in QS Best Student Cities Ranking, and Sydney came in at fourth place, with Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth following the lead.

No linguistic barrier

Australian universities use English as their medium of communication and studies, making it easier to understand and enhance their English proficiency skills. It also instills a feeling of belonging in them and makes them confident in talking to fellow students & locals and sharing their experience and learning different languages & cultures. You may struggle a little at first in understanding the Australian accent, but you will soon get accustomed to it.

Great Employment Opportunities and Rate

The biggest advantage of studying in Australia is that students can work during their term time. With basic skills and a student subclass 500 visa, international students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight in Australia. It’s an excellent opportunity for the students concerned about the expenses of studying abroad. Australia has incredibly diverse work opportunities, and students can easily find a variety of job vacancies based on their skillset.

So much to see, explore and experience

When we think about Australia, we imagine beautiful coastlines and Sydney Opera House, but there is so much to explore that you don’t want to give a miss while studying in Australia. It covers almost all types of landscapes, including lush rainforests, deserts, and the world’s best heritage sites, which give you plenty of entertainment during the post-Uni. Australia has an unusual combination of hardcore studies and a chill lifestyle. While being there you don’t feel dominated by studies as you get plenty of leisure time to relax, take a stroll on the local markets and travel to nearby tourist attractions.

Studying in Australia does not only mean gaining access to a world-class education system and tangible degree but also one of a kind experience that will remind you only good things about Australia.

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