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GMAT Preparation for Abroad Education

If MBA is on your study abroad plan, the GMAT is for you. The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is imperative for your business school application process. It’s a multiple-choice, computer-based, and standardized exam that one requires for admission in MBA globally.


Having a high GMAT score directly impacts your application process and can help you bag the top institutions of your dream.


This test mainly measures your expertise in basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and grammar especially, how you evaluate and analyze a written text and solve problems.


The GMAT has 4 test sections, two of which are scored separately, and the other two in order. In the end, all the scores are summed for a final result.


    • Analytical Writing Assessment: Analysis of an Argument (30 mins)
      Score range: 0-6 with 0.5 increment


    • Integrated Reasoning: 12 questions (30 mins); Multi-Source Reasoning questions, Graphics Interpretation questions, Two-Part Analysis questions, Table Analysis questions
      Score Range: 1-8 with 1 point increment.


    • Quantitative: 31 questions (62 mins); Data Sufficiency questions, Problem Solving questions
      Score Range: 0-60 with 1 point increment.


  • Verbal: 36 questions (65 mins); Reading Comprehension questions (12 approx), Critical Reasoning questions (10 approx), Sentence Correction (14 approx)
    Score Range: 0-60 with 1 point increment.

Candidates can choose the order of the test sections at the center before the test begins. You can select one of the following orders:

    1. Analytical Writing Assessment ⇒ Integrated Reasoning ⇒ Quantitative ⇒ Verbal
    2. Verbal ⇒ Quantitative ⇒ Integrated Reasoning ⇒ Analytical Writing Assessment
    3. Quantitative ⇒ Verbal ⇒ Integrated Reasoning ⇒ Analytical Writing Assessment

The GMAT score stays valid for 5 years. You can appear for a reattempt up to 5 times in any year in a 16-day duration.

How to register for GMAT

To be eligible for the test, you need to be at least 18 years of age. Below this age would need permission in writing from their parents or legal guardian. Candidates who want to enroll in an MBA program must have a graduation degree from a recognized institution. The application fee for the GMAT is approximately Rs 18,300. In case of rescheduling & change of center, there are extra charges to be paid.

You can register for GMAT in 3 ways

  1. Online:
  • Create your account on
  • Continue with the registration process
  • Fill in your details & verify your profile
  • Select the test center & date
  • Make payment for the fees.
  1. Phone: In this process, you have to give all the details to the customer service representative to book your slot.
  2. Mail: For this, you need to enclose the GMAT Appointment Scheduling Form filled by you & your payment mode.

How to Prepare for GMAT?

  • Opt for the best GMAT Preparation Materials:
    The study materials come with the previous year’s questions that help the applicants in their preparation. It gives them an idea about the questions they are likely to encounter, their difficulty levels, and patterns.
  • Work on your weakness:
    Practice tests are the best help that one can utilize for self-assessment & improvement before they appear for the actual test.
  • Ace the time management:
    GMAT is a time-bound exam, and you have to be quick in your way. You cannot be stuck on one question and spoil your overall performance. The best way is to learn the strategies that can help you score well, even if you do not attempt all the questions.
  • Work on graphic representations:
    GMAT quantitative section often contains particular mathematical questions that require visualization. Having a hang of understanding symbols, charts, diagrams, and infographics not only makes you save more time in the actual test but helps you score more.

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