If there is a place that can make your study abroad dream worthwhile and at the same time cater to your after graduation needs, it’s the UK. From excellent universities to innumerable career opportunities & an envious lifestyle that one longs for, the UK has everything a student seeks while searching for an ideal study abroad destination. Little wonder why a large number of international students willingly enroll themselves in their universities.

Although this culture of international students studying in the UK is not new, for decades, the nation has been welcoming students & professionals from all across the world. The quality of education, the modern equipment used, the research papers still hold a place of their own. Remember the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, the prime example of excellence, the ones that every student once dreamed of enrolling in. Today the UK is home to over 150 universities, all equally recognizable, offering thousands of bachelor’s and Master’s degrees for every subject one can imagine. Having a degree from these universities sets up apart from the competition, and you get recognized by employers internationally.

While being at the universities, you get to meet talented and proficient students from various nationals. Spending time & talking with them can influence your life in so many ways as you learn their culture, traditions and discuss important topics of liked interests or even your after graduation plans.

The UK has an excellent culture of allowing students to work while they are still studying. Many students in the UK gain valuable work experience through a part-time or full-time job or internship, along with their studies. That eventually helps them earn and fund their education, gain confidence, and bag the best jobs being offered across the globe.

The Universities there even assist students in their career plans. More often, you will see job fairs and recruiting events happening on campus. Some universities even have career counseling departments that help students with their job applications. Also, with Post-Brexit rules coming into force in the UK, the career opportunity has sped up more for the Indian students. The students can now have a chance to work in the UK for two years after completing any degree or Ph.D., all thanks to their Graduate Immigration Route, which will commence from July this year.

Brexit has not only brought forth opportunities for students but also Indian businesses. The number of Indian companies running in the UK and their job creation levels have recorded tremendous growth in the past year (despite the difficulties posed by Brexit and current situation), thereby ensuring enough career opportunities for the students wishing to settle abroad after graduation.

Most of the universities in the UK are currently following the online & hybrid education model so restore the current session. But with the Covid-19 vaccine being roll-out in full swing in the UK (it is far ahead amongst the greatest in the world). It might be no surprise for us if the UK will become one of the first countries in the world to be fully vaccinated. By Autumn 2021, the conditions are assumed to be much safer for the universities to open their campuses & continue with the on-campus study program. The UK has recently banned travelling from certain countries over the fear of the COVID-19 variant and put them on the ‘red list,’ this includes India as well, from where most travelling occurs. However, the good news is, the Indian students wishing to study in the UK have been exempted from the rule and can travel to the country.

What are you waiting for? With such quality education & booming opportunities, there can be no study abroad destination better than the UK. Connect with us & start preparing now!