Australia is a popular study destination that has through the years, attracted a magnanimous number of international students. Several statistics show that Australia is safer when compared to other countries from the impact of COVID-19. This can be further attributed to the fact that the number of cases reported in Australia are heading towards a downward spiral. The Australian government has brought in the necessary measures required to curtail the impact of COVID-19 and the same has been aimed at international students as well.

As the world harnesses the Covid-19 pandemic, 91% of Indian students who had planned to study abroad still want to carry on due to the safety measures being put in place. This number is rather welcome considering how the Coronavirus pandemic disrupted plans for students worldwide, especially those who wanted to go to other countries for their higher education. An analysis of the Indian students who had filed on the platform for studying abroad in the next 6-10 months revealed their outlook during the pandemic which is making them take this decision.

As a prospective international student, you are obviously wondering, what next? Its advice to engage in as much conversation as possible to derive the utmost amount of information. You could go forward making applications and preparing for essential pre-requisite tests required as part of your application process. The owner of Vision International, Mrunali, is also our sole counsellor. She now conducts online counselling sessions with students, free of cost. Please contact her on 93724 58304 or email