Here are some highlights:

1. 76% of students were surveyed and are planning to go ahead with their education abroad in the next 6-8 months (September or January intakes).

2. 15% of students said that they are going to take a decision about studying abroad in the next two months, while 9% are considering pushing back due to the coronavirus outbreak.

3. When the above students were informed about the steps being taken by international universities, then they decided to re-think. 27% of the students weren’t aware of the contingency measures taken by universities for the next intakes – blended learning options.

4. 70% or more students prefer an international healthcare system. Canada and UK ranked among the most trusted international healthcare systems by Indian students followed by USA, Germany, Sweden and Finland.

5. 75% of the surveyed students are headed for post-graduate programs, while the remaining 25% are in the undergraduate category.

6. The study found that the UK was most preferred as a study destination for Indian students. It got 28%. Australia – very close at 25% want rate, while Canada, USA and Ireland are the other top choices voted 18%, 16% and 13% respectively.

With very strict measures in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, international universities are enhancing other features and opportunities to make sure they are still attractive to Indian students. Vision International has more information about this. The owner of Vision International, Mrunali, is also our sole counsellor. She now conducts online counselling sessions with students, free of cost. Please contact her on 93724 58304 or email